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Getting in touch

Aizen Consulting

9 rue du Quatre Septembre

75002 Paris


+ 33 1

Aizen Consulting

  • Active since 2011
  • 11 - 20 employees

Aizen Consulting is a network of
entrepreneurs that offer services tailored support to local development and international companies.
Our offer:
- Business Administration: the creation of activity, monitoring and disposal of the company
- Business Development: disseminating innovative business models and support for export / manufacturing
- Gray matter: recruitment, out-sourced support, local representation and transition management
added value
- Innovation: internationalization of innovative companies
- Relocation & industrialization: economic and cultural bridges between the newly industrialized countries and developing countries
- Entrepreneurship: distilled by contractors

Our locations: France, Canada, United States, Turkey, Morocco, West Africa and Latin America

Communication: English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish and Arabic.

Tweets from Aizen Consulting :

  • 3D printing affordable homes in just 24 hours #3Dprinting #designthinking #houserevolution #shapeTheFuture… https://t.co/YvMWwClEN1 - 17 jun 2018
  • Solar Cells Can Now Generate Power From Raindrops #solarcells #solarpower #Photovoltaic #Solarinvention #solarenergy https://t.co/hdjEqbzlwJ - 17 jun 2018
  • This Device Could Produce Unlimited Clean Energy https://t.co/ZruPOibzQY #UnlimitedCleanEnergy #ecosystems… https://t.co/JLsg0siQwc - 13 jun 2018
  • Wind Turbine Turns Traffic Into Renewable Energy https://t.co/QlvnqAMlcn #WindEnergy #RenewableEnergy #Sustainability #trafficconversion - 13 jun 2018

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